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There are a lot of ways I can help people grow their capacity for heart-centered, high-impact communication and leadership. At the moment, I’ve found the following to be my favorite platforms to serve individuals and groups who want to develop these abilities.

Step Into Your Moxie

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” (Melinda French Gates)

Fear is an enduring force in many of our lives and—if you are anything like me—it has at times had such a stranglehold on you that it has prevented you from speaking to yourself in a loving and possibility-centered voice.

It has prevented you from demanding what you are worth.

It has prevented you from sharing your powerful voice with the world.

It has prevented you from leaving the robust legacy you were put on this earth to make.

Through the Step Into Your Moxie platform I offer Keynote Creation Jams, speaking mentorship and results-oriented face-to-face VIP days to executives, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and other thought leaders looking to enhance their communication results and create knockout presentations, workshops/trainings and TED-style talks. If you’re ready to speak with power and impact, get your moxie on and CLICK HERE.

Influencer Academy

Influencer Academy is a 9-month, face-to-face, first of its kind women’s leadership experience. Through its holistic and skill-based leadership development programming, practical coursework and extraordinary opportunities for quality relationship building, Influencer Academy is closing the gap from where next-generation female leaders are to where they need–and want–to be.

Designed for business leaders, entrepreneurs and community leaders, Influencer Academy grows women’s confidence, ambition and impact by cultivating their skills in such critical leadership areas as interpersonal communication, public speaking, coaching, facilitation, difficult conversations, persuasion and negotiation. And we’re doing it at cost that individual applicants and organizations seeking to sponsor talent can easily afford.

Learn more about Influencer Academy and apply for a seat in the next cohort on the Influencer Academy website.

Keynotes + Trainings + Workshops….Oh My!

In addition to my one-on-one and group programs, I offer a range of interactive coaching and training opportunities for companies, campuses, conferences and communities in such areas as corporate communication, public speaking, coaching for managers, onboarding and attracting and retaining Generation Y (Gen Y). Take a peak at my most frequently requested topics and see me do my thing.

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    Alexia Vernon

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  • Sample Praise for Alexia

    “Alexia is one strong woman helping women to achieve their goals.”
    Ronnie Cho | The White House Office of Public Engagement

    “I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for what you were able to do to help me with my public speaking abilities! You have my eternal gratitude for finally getting me over my near-paralyzing fear of speaking.”
    Tanya Murray | Realty Executives of Nevada

    "Alexia is unlike any other speaker or presenter I’ve ever seen. She embodies the very best of her generation and showed me a range of strategies I can use in preparing my students to be leaders in the workplace.”
    Dr. Joseph Bonnici | Central Connecticut University

    "Alexia is revolutionizing how we prepare nurses for the demands of the workplace in Nevada. She truly understands how to grow a new generation of ethical, high-impact communicators and leaders.”
    Doug Geinzer | Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition

    “Alexia is a tremendous coach and speaker. 100% of our group in post surveys commented that the workshop was valuable and uplifting.”
    Kristen Baldwin | Step Up Women’s Network

    "What I love and appreciate about Alexia is her ability to pinpoint your style and strengths as a communicator as well as the little nuances that get you in the way of your power. She gives you very detailed ways to make new changes and enhance your natural communication style."
    Christina Ambubuyog | I Love Intuition