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Each of my frequently requested topics can be adapted for keynotes, trainings/seminars, retreats, webinars or as live programs with one-on-one and group follow-up coaching. With a background in dance and theatre, I specialize in presenting and facilitating interactive, participant-centered learning opportunities that provide emerging through senior leaders a creative, safe space to shatter their real and self-imposed glass ceilings to success, develop heart-centered, high-impact communication skills and behaviors and set achievable, action-oriented goals to transfer their learning into action. Participants in my programs work smart and they play hard!


Step Into Your Moxie: Listen to Your Voice, Sculpt Your Message and Speak with Confidence and Impact
In Part I of my signature communication program, I take participants through my holistic and fun recipe for empowered speaking. Participants rewrite the story of who they are as communicators, identify and bulldoze through real and self-imposed barriers to confident communication, learn how to speak from their WOW Factor, influence with integrity, explore simple techniques for weeding out vocalized thinking and extraneous language and develop their “sticky” message from the end to the beginning. Walk into any room knowing how to connect with an audience of 1-1000 in the head, heart and gut, and leave them ready to take your desired action. (This program can be adapted for the specific needs of your group, i.e., women leaders/women’s initiatives, sales departments, or young professionals.)

Step Into Your Moxie: Prepare for and Effectively Facilitate Difficult Conversations
Whether we are developing employees, speaking with colleagues or negotiating with clients, it can be difficult to balance the desire to be liked and of service with the desire to assert our needs and speak the truth. If someone acts unethically, we may pretend not to notice. And if someone drops a ball, we usually hold our tongues and just do it for ourselves. In Part II of my signature communication program, I show participants how to stop walking on eggshells in our relationships and communicate for maximum impact in uncomfortable moments such as giving or receiving feedback, negotiating or delivering bad news. Participants master the ability to initiate and effectively facilitate difficult conversations across contexts, reframe conflict as a “necessary evil” to “an opportunity for creative and effective problem solving,” find the right words to communicate when emotions are high and fear is coursing through our veins and apply strategies and techniques to the real-world situations participants find themselves in. (This program can be adapted for the specific needs of women leaders/women’s initiatives, HR leaders or managers.)

The Glass Ceiling is Shattered. Or is It?
While women are attending college and graduate school in greater numbers than men, women still earn approximately $.77 to every dollar that men make for equal work. Out of the Fortune 500, only 21 companies have women as CEOs. Yet thanks to studies by organizations such as Dow Jones and McKinsey & Company, it’s now common knowledge that companies with multiple women serving in senior leadership positions outperform those with minimal female leadership. So why are women not better represented in senior leadership positions? And how can organizations address the particular needs of high potential women that are often unmet in traditional leadership development programs? I demystify what emerging female leaders need—with respect to mentoring, coaching, and skill development—in order to be competitive and succeed in more senior leadership positions. Presenting research and real-world examples, I provide actionable recommendations for addressing women’s perceived lack of ambition, confidence, and skill. I identify which of the top leadership competencies women struggle with most—and how companies (or colleges) can adjust traditional leadership development programs to empower women in these areas.

Onboard New Hires to Peak Performance in 90-Days (based on my ASTD Press bestselling book, 90 Days 90 Ways: Onboard Young Professionals to Peak Performance)
While in a perfect world recruiters and hiring managers would hire the “right” employees, as you have probably experienced this is often NOT the case. Learn easy-to-apply strategies to take a new hire to peak performer by the end of his or her first 90 days. Areas discussed included designing a knockout Day 1 experience, developing a customer service orientation, giving the right balance of structure and freedom, growing strong face-to-face communicators and laying the foundation for leadership. (This program can be focused on onboarding Generation Y/Millennials or onboarding within a multigenerational workplace.)

Yes “Y” Can: Develop the Next Generation of Workplace Leaders
To ensure that our recent crises in global leadership are footnotes in history rather than reoccurring themes, discover how to prepare the largest generation in the workplace by 2016—Generation Y (or Millennials)—to be effective leaders. Meet emerging leaders where they are and take them where they need to be in their ability to balance short and long-term thinking, communicate with confidence and competence, prevent and resolve conflict, coach up and down, develop innovative and intrapreneurial solutions and operate from a place of integrity.

Developing a High-Impact Multigenerational Workforce
Demystify the 4 generations in the workplace—the good the bad, and the confusing—by understanding each generation’s learning and communication style, core values, strengths, and the ways they like feedback. You’ll laugh and relate as we explore common sticky scenarios employees across generations find themselves in and, more importantly, by learning to recognize differences in motivation, engagement, and work-life expectations, develop the communication strategies and actual verbiage to use and questions to ask to shift generational differences from obstacles into opportunities.

The High Impact Facilitator’s Toolkit
Learn how to deliver dynamic programs that staff and clients can’t wait to attend. Applicable both to experienced facilitators who want to reinvigorate their practice and aspiring trainers, presenters and leaders looking to flex this important muscle, this program arms participants with the practical tools and hands on experience necessary to facilitate with confidence, clarity and passion. Explore how to use role-play, storytelling and other interactive strategies for learners to rehearse for success and translate what they have discovered into measurable results. Participants will compile a range of experiential ice-breaking, group building, assessment and reflective activities applicable to various populations and content areas and discover how to design learning so that it is participant-centered and low exposure.

Share Your Story, Morning Glory: How to Use Public Speaking to Effortlessly Attract the Right Clients
While public speaking is the #1 way to grow most service AND product-driven businesses, most business owners and sales professionals never give an “infotainmental” presentation. Learn how to create a 30-45 minute offering that lets you hook your audience with your story, demonstrate your expertise, share the top 3 things prospects want to know NOW, create a natural segue for turning your first touch into future business and most importantly, have FUN. We’ll explore how to sell from the stage by NOT selling from the stage, the key components of a hooky offer and how to lock into the mindset, once and for all, that lets you see yourself and perform as a high-impact communicator.

The Coach Approach: Create a Culture of Learning, Growth and Results
Coaching is consistently ranked the #1 performance improvement strategy, yet most leaders and managers conflate coaching with giving feedback, teaching, consulting or mentoring. I will show you what coaching is and isn’t and provide you with a proven formula for coaching employees one-on-one and in groups. By learning to ask better questions, mirror back what you hear being said—and not said, co-create means for assessment and accountability, make behavioral feedback an ongoing part of your company culture and use role play and storytelling to dynamize your learning and development and enable employees to rehearse for professional success, participants will discover how to develop employees who are keen problem solvers, innovative thinkers and results-driven.


After the Job Offer: Effective Negotiation Strategies
Learn the mindset, techniques, messaging, questions and nonverbal communication college students and young professionals must master to be effective negotiators in their professional careers. Develop the behaviors and skills to rehearse for a negotiation, set all parties up for success, use direct communication to make specific requests and respond both to anticipated and unforeseen resistance. You will explore the 3 critical perspective shifts that take negotiations from necessary evils to creative and productive confidence-building activities, learn the top ways that college students and recent grads get in their own way of effectively negotiating and discover how to replace unproductive habits with results-driven ones. Special attention will be placed on mastering the art of salary negotiation by deconstructing the employer and employee perspective.

Your First 90-Days: Go from New Grad to Great Employee and Position Yourself for Growth and Promotion
In this program I show college students and recent graduates how to capitalize on their potential and deliver the measurable results employers expect from them. By learning how to co-create expectations and grounds for assessment, providing strategic value, asking the right questions, networking in and outside of their four walls and showing up with an “I Can” attitude, audience members will leave ready to rock their first jobs while laying the foundation for upward mobility.



Shhh….No More: Shaking the Stigma and Secrecy Out of Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse
As a survivor of sexual abuse, former sexual assault prevention educator and volunteer career coach for sexual offenders transitioning back into the community, I have a lifetime of professional and personal experience living and tackling this complicated topic from a variety of angles. In this presentation – which can be adapted to fit the needs of secondary school and college students, those who have experienced sexual assault/abuse, sexual assault/abuse prevention treatment providers, educators and activists as well as providers of treatment for sexual offenders and members of the criminal justice system – I explore the roles well-intentioned people play through our thinking and behavior in perpetuating the cycle of sexual offense. Using my own story to explode dangerous myths that hurt victims, perpetrators and our families, I show audience members how to be protagonists rather than supporting characters in the movement to end sexual violence – in our families, companies and communities. Audience members, irrespective of their roles and experiences with sexual offense, learn how to replace blame, shame and fear-mongering with truth, transparency and a tremendous helping of forgiveness so that true healing can take place for all involved in the paradigm.


“Alexia was an excellent choice of speaker for my eWomenNetwork Chapter. She arrived promptly and greeted and spoke in a friendly and relaxed manner to guests. I enjoyed her candidness and life stories that made her presentation come alive. Members told me this was the most interesting presenter they’d heard in a long while. I would highly recommend Alexia for her professionalism, warmth, and motivating subject matter.”

Annie Goni | Managing Director, eWomen Reno


“What a great session in Maui, Alexia! We were able to have four people participate from our property, one of our managers present had 0% turnover in the past 5+ years, and even he was able to take away tips from you including: how to make sure your employees know their responsibilities, know what expectations you have for them, and setting short and long term goals.”

Barbie Dofa | Director of Human Resources, Napili Kai Beach Resort


“Alexia is a tremendous coach and speaker who presented a workshop to a group of underserved teen girls preparing for first-time employment and their mentors, a group of professional women from the Step Up network. From start to finish, Alexia designed the workshop to benefit both groups. 100% of our group in post surveys commented that the workshop was valuable and uplifting. I highly recommend Alexia—she is philanthropic, results-oriented, and a skilled communicator.”

Kristen Baldwin | Senior Program Manager, Step Up Women’s Network


“Thank you so much, Alexia, for coming to Memphis and working with our staff. I have gotten such great feedback, and we all feel so excited and ready to execute the onboarding and employee development strategies. You’re the best.”

Sarah Williams | Specialist/Regional Field Programs, ALSAC/St. Jude’s


“I’ve seen A LOT of professional speakers, however very few simultaneously deliver a lot of knowledge AND have as great clarity and emotional vulnerability as Alexia. I highly recommend her for any public speaking function.”

Brendan Brown | Professional Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF) Nevada


“Alexia is nothing short of extraordinary, one of the most well-prepared and charismatic facilitators that I ever worked with. She has an incredible ability to engage a group, inspire them, and provide tangible tools for self-development. She is also able to quickly assess the needs of her audience and to pull the best out of each and every one of them.”

Renata Moreira | Associate Director of Special Projects, New Jersey City University


“Thank you so much Alexia for an aWEsome presentation! Our Business Success Seminar attendees enjoyed not only your message, but also the humorous and real life way in which it was delivered. Your speaking strategies were easy to implement and provided a great deal of value to our event. WE look forward to having you speak again in the near future!”                                                          

Tera McHugh | Founder of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AofWE)


“Alexia is unlike any other speaker or presenter I’ve ever seen. She embodies the very best of her generation and showed me a range of strategies I can use in preparing my students to be leaders in the workplace. She really makes adult learning fun.”

Dr. Joseph Bonnici | Professor, Central Connecticut University


Thank you so much for speaking at our 2011 Institutes for Social Innovation. Our fellows were truly inspired, and you provided the perfect ending for our five-day journey.

Rithesh Menon | Director of Partnerships, StartingBloc 


“Alexia has been a very successful presenter at our Career Development Seminars/Workshops held during our Career Fair events. Her seminar has been one of the most popular and job seekers always give her rave reviews! She is a true professional and has been a great partner in our goal of enhancing the job seeker experience at our events, as well as truly building a better job seeker. We are thrilled with her participation and so grateful for her partnership!”

Tamya Lemke, Formerly with Greenspun Media


If you’re anything like me, no matter how many raves you read you still want to take a test drive before making a big purchase—whether it’s a car or a person. So go ahead, take a peak and see if what I do makes sense for you and your group. (You can also download my Speaker One-Sheet.) 

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    “Alexia is one strong woman helping women to achieve their goals.”
    Ronnie Cho | The White House Office of Public Engagement

    “I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for what you were able to do to help me with my public speaking abilities! You have my eternal gratitude for finally getting me over my near-paralyzing fear of speaking.”
    Tanya Murray | Realty Executives of Nevada

    "Alexia is unlike any other speaker or presenter I’ve ever seen. She embodies the very best of her generation and showed me a range of strategies I can use in preparing my students to be leaders in the workplace.”
    Dr. Joseph Bonnici | Central Connecticut University

    "Alexia is revolutionizing how we prepare nurses for the demands of the workplace in Nevada. She truly understands how to grow a new generation of ethical, high-impact communicators and leaders.”
    Doug Geinzer | Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition

    “Alexia is a tremendous coach and speaker. 100% of our group in post surveys commented that the workshop was valuable and uplifting.”
    Kristen Baldwin | Step Up Women’s Network

    "What I love and appreciate about Alexia is her ability to pinpoint your style and strengths as a communicator as well as the little nuances that get you in the way of your power. She gives you very detailed ways to make new changes and enhance your natural communication style."
    Christina Ambubuyog | I Love Intuition